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Saraswati Magazine 2017-2
1- Black spot in leg , treated by Ms Anshu Agarwal 

Saraswati Magazine 2017-3
1-Digestive disorder since childhood - by Sri J P Agarwal 

Saraswati Magazine 2018-2
1- Spinal disorder, unable to walk - Mr Sanjay Srivastava


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I was only 14 years old when I started finding difficulty in seeing blackboard and television clearly. Me and my family was worried about this. After 6 months, I started using the spectacles with concave lenses of power – 1.0 as per the advice of eye specialist. After 9-10 months, the eye specialist suggested me to use the concave lenses of power – 1.75 & – 2.0. He also suggested me an expensive eye drop solution. I also thought of lasers and contact lenses & other techniques. But rejected those useless ideas when heard and studied of their side-effects. Finally, I thought of trying the Accupressure therapy which gave me upto 70–80% results. Now I do not need to wear spectacles even while watching television.

I am really thankful to the God-gifted, natural and successful therapy which has treated many of the sufferers.

Jyotsna Makkar
849/20, Roop Nagar Colony
Hansi (125033)
Ph. : 01663-259852