Emergency Acupressure Treatment

Updated on 19-Sep-2018


1.     Fainting due to Epilepsy or any Other Reason.  In any type of fainting, press hard with finger the point GV 26 (below the nose) or K 1 (on the sole) or the ear lobe. All three points may be pressed depending upon response of the patient. If known that fainting is due to low blood pressure, use GV 26 and if due to high blood pressure, use K 1.


2.     Sun Stroke, Urine Retention, Child Awakens due to Fear. K 1 is very important point for above emergencies. Press firmly.


3.     Water/Insect/Air in Ears or Any Emergency of Ears.  Press SI 19. To locate the point, upon opening the mouth, it will be found in depression just next to tragus of the ear. In case of water/insect/air in a particular ear, keeping the point pressed with the finger, tilt the head so that the ear faces downwards.



4.     Lack of Oxygen. A person may feel soffocated in a crowded and closed space or in an enclosed space due to lack of proper ventilation and may have difficulty in breathing. By pressing Lu 4, the person starts getting additional oxygen, thus reviviving him/her. The point can be located by touching the straightened arm with the tip of the nose. The point is where the tip of the nose touches the arm.


5.     Insect Bite. Press K 6 & /or apply black colour on the point. The point is located in depression one thumb width (use patient’s thumb to measure) below the mid point of outer malleolus (ankle bone on big toe side).


6.     Toothache, Facial Paralysis, Frequent Urge of Urination. Press Lu 7. The point is located on the frontal lateral side of arm just proximal to the bony prominence & about 1 ½ thumb width short of the wrist crease.


7.     Difficulty in Exhaling, Difficulty in Speaking, Nose Bleeding. Press Lu 11 with probe/jimmy or a blunt object. The point is located near the outer and proximal corner of thumb nail.


8.     Sudden Loss of Voice. Massage points H 4, 5, 6 and 7. The points are located on the front medial side of arm as shown in the diagram.


9.     Food Enters Wind Pipe, Difficulty in Inhaling, Heart Attack. Press H 9 with probe/jimmy or a blunt object. The point is located near the inner and proximal corner of small finger.


10.     Travel Sickness. A person may suffer from nausea and vomiting or other problems during travel. Press P 6 or GB 34 to prevent the problem. P 6 is located on front centre of arm, two thumb widths proximal to wrist crease (use patient’s thumb to measure). GB 34 is located on the lower inner corner of head of fibula bone on the leg. Fibula’s head can be felt on the outer side of leg below the knee.


11.     High Blood Pressure. Apply blue colour below left thumb nail.


12.     Low Blood Pressure.  Apply red colour below left thumb nail.


13.     Stage Phobia, Unable to Face Crowd. Apply orange colour below nail of left ring finger.


14.   Nausea and Vomiting. Apply green colour in centre axis of palm just below (towards fingers) the prominent raised portion of palm.


15.     Heat Stroke. Apply green colour around nail of left thumb.


16.     Cold Attack. Apply light blue colour around nail of left thumb.