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Rules Pertaining to Grant of Affiliation by Sansthan - English


  1. It has been the utmost endeavour of Sansthan to spread the amazing, safe and inexpensive acupressure therapy to every city, town, village and remote areas of India with a view to benefitting the teeming millions of the populace. In order to fulfill this objective, the Sansthan has been granting affiliation to acupressure treatment centres in various parts of the country. Eligibility criteria, worthiness and quality control are kept in mind while granting affiliations.
  2. Following eligibility criteria are essential for a treatment centre to receive affiliation from the Sansthan.
    1. The treatment centre must be operational for a minimum period of one year as on date of application.
    2. The treatment centre must have been providing free acupressure treatment for minimum one day in a week (minimum two hours) during the last one year and this free treatment must continue on the same regular basis after grant of affiliation.
    3. It is essential for the therapists working in the treatment centre to have requisite knowledge of acupressure therapy. All therapists must possess minimum educational qualification of Class XII. It is mandatory for Chief Therapist and Joint Chief Therapist to have attended minimum a five-day basic training course organized by the Sansthan and minimum one National Conference cum Super Advance Training at Allahabad.
    4. The Chief Coordinator and Joint Chief Coordinator of the treatment centre shall determine the eligibility and worthiness of all other therapists of the treatment centre.
    5. It is obligatory for all coordinators and therapists of the treatment centre to take the membership of Sansthan’s quarterly magazine ‘Saraswati’. However, if more than one person in a family is associated with the treatment centre, than one membership of ‘Saraswati’ from the family shall suffice.
    6. It is mandatory for the participation of at least one therapist from the treatment centre in every future National Conference cum Super Advance Training at Allahabad.
    7. The treatment centre must maintain a register to record date wise details of all free acupressure treatment including name of patient, age and brief address. Each patient will be assigned a registration number for the day. The day’s record should state whether the patient is a new case (N) or an old case (O).
  3. The Chief Coordinator and Chief Therapist of the treatment centre may have to appear for an interview before an official panel of the Sansthan prior to grant of affiliation.
  4. Office bearers of the Sansthan may inspect the treatment centre periodically upon direction of the President of Sansthan to ensure that that the centre is following the rules laid down by the Sansthan and that the centre is maintaining requisite quality control of treatment.
  5. Application for grant of affiliation must be as per the standard form laid down by the Sansthan. The application form may be down loaded and printed or a typed/hand written copy may be used. The form is also printed periodically in Sansthan’s quarterly magazine ‘Saraswati’. Particulars may be filled in English or Hindi. It must be ensured that all particulars are complete and legible, and that all required documents are enclosed or else the application may not be considered.
  6. Ordinarily, the Sansthan shall deal with and correspond only with the Chief Coordinators of the treatment centres.
  7. It shall be mandatory for the treatment centre to forward a quarterly written report of its activities to the Sansthan.
  8. Application for renewal of affiliation must reach the Sansthan three months before the expiry of affiliation period.
  9. The Sansthan shall have the right to terminate the affiliation of a treatment centre in the event of the centre contravening the rules laid down by the Sansthan or quality control of treatment not being maintained by the centre. However, the Sansthan shall endeavour to give prior warning and opportunity for improvement to the defaulting centre before taking action in this regard.
  10. The apex committee of the Sansthan shall have the authority to make written or oral changes to these rules or to give relief in implementation of any of the above rules.



Rules Pertaining to Grant of Affiliation by Sansthan - Hindi