Guidelines for Acupressure Awareness Training To be Conducted by Affiliated Centres


It has been the ultimate aim of Sansthan to take the amazing, safe and inexpensive acupressure therapy to every nook & corner of India with a view to benefitting the teeming millions. In order to fulfill this objective, the Sansthan has coined the motto, “each one reach one, each one teach one, each one treat one”.

Sansthan has accordingly been organizing acupressure awareness programmes at various locations in the country in schools, colleges, offices, industrial establishments, work places, social organizations, village gatherings, etc. The aim is to make maximum number of people aware of acupressure therapy & to motivate them to learn the same & help in its further spread.

However, considering the vast population of the country, this is a daunting task for any one organization to carry out. This reach-out campaign can only be successful if various acupressure treatment centres affiliated to Sansthan chip in by also conducting such awareness programmes, not only at their centre level but at individual members level as well.

It is necessary that such awareness programmes are not conducted haphazardly, so as to avoid sending out a wrong message to the populace. These guidelines are therefore laid down in order to assist all concerned to conduct proper, systematic and smooth awareness programmes which can truly motivate and inspire.

It will be open to the organizer to improve upon or expand the scope of the programme as suggested here. However, the organizer would do well to keep the profile of the participants in mind while conducting the programme, keep it simple and endeavour to truly motivate in order to generate a chain effect.

It is recommended that the awareness programme be conducted as follows under the various heads as suggested. The total duration of such a programme should not generally exceed two hours, so as to maintain interest and prevent boredom from setting in at the introductory phase itself.




The participants should be briefly welcomed to the awareness programme. Thereafter, after introducing the Sansthan, its activities and achievements should be highlighted briefly. The local affiliated centre should also be introduced briefly. The aim here is to prepare the background for subsequent credibility and receptivity of the subject in the minds of the participants.  

The following aspects of the Sansthan may be covered.

  1. Sansthan established in the year 1995 at Allahabad, U.P. with a view to providing free acupressure treatment to the ailing humanity, carry out research on cupressure and conduct acupressure training programmes.
  2. More than 20 lacs patients treated from 1995 to date free of cost. Include number f patients treated by local centre.
  3. More than 125 affiliate free treatment centers established all over the country.
  4. More than one lac students trained by Sansthan in the therapy to date.
  5. Original literature on acupressure extremely costly and not easily available in the country. Sansthan publishing books in various Indian languages at highly affordable prices. More than 65 books published by Sansthan so far. Quarterly research magazine “Acupressure/ Acupuncture Saraswati” being published since 2000.
  6. India’s first free acupressure hospital established at Allahabad in the year 2002.
  7. Sansthan conducting certificate, diploma and associated degree courses in acupressure on behalf of IGNOU and other universities.

Awareness Book based Presentation (Click on Link below) 

Awareness Book Bilingual.pdf