Introduction To Ayurvedic Acupressure


Acupressure Research, Training & Treatment Sansthan, Allahabad, has been carrying out a unique and path breaking research since the year 2000. It was felt by the Sansthan that the voluminous ancient Indian Aired texts dating back to around 1500 B.C. contain a treasure house of medical knowledge, which had hitherto remained unexplored and unexploited, mainly because of difficulty in understanding/interpreting the language/concepts of that period. The Sansthan decided to carry out an in depth study/research of these texts and seek out the knowledge buried therein.

The person behind this revolutionary research which uncovered many a truth and led to invention of a new wonder therapy is Mr. Jagdish Prasad Agrawal, a man of rare intellect and sheer genius and Founder Senior Vice President of the Sansthan with the blessings and guidance of Mr. Mata Prasad Khemka, the Sansthan's learned and dynamic Founder President. This therapy is being used at the Sansthan and by hundreds of acupressure therapists across India to treat a vast number of patients with miraculous results, in many cases providing cure for incurable diseases such as cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and many such difficult to treat diseases.

All treatment by this newly researched therapy is being documented at the Sansthan and important case histories are regularly being published in Sansthan's quarterly magazine Saraswati and the Sansthan's web site. 

Coming to the basics of this new therapy, as has been known by many ancient civilisations, the entire universe and its manifestation, the human body, is comprised of few basic elements. Both ancient India & China have recognised five elements, though with a slight difference. The five element theory of China is well known to acupuncturists all over the world and acupuncture/acupressure treatment aims to cure diseases by setting right the misbalance of these elements that occurs in the body. 

As generally known in India, these elements are 'Akash' (Space), ''Vayu' (Wind/Air), 'Jal' (Water), 'Agni' (Fire) & 'Prithvi' (Earth). However, practically no one knew or gave a thought to the fact that ancient Indian Ayurvedic texts actually mention ten elements that are present in the universe and in all living beings. These additional elements, all meta physical, are 'Kaal' (Time), 'Disha' (Direction), 'Man' (Mind as opposed to brain which is physical), 'Atma' (Soul; its physical manifestation is 'Prakash', i.e., Light) & 'Shunya/Tam' (Zero or Darkness, the source of origin of universe). Every thing in this universe, whether non living or living, must necessarily fall within the ambit of these ten physical/meta physical elements.

Now, it has been discovered by the Sansthan's research team that diseases occur as a result of misbalance of all these ten elements and not merely five as hitherto believed by acupuncturists/acupressurists. Ayurved describes in detail the properties/characteristics of all the ten elements and with their help the misbalance in the body can be recognised and treated.

The Chinese Acupuncture therapy has an elaborate system of meridians, i.e., energy pathways spread all over the body & treatment is given by needles/pressure on points located on these meridians. In the newly researched ayurvedic acupressure therapy, a set of new meridians has been discovered, mainly on fingers and toes. The treatment is given by placing two types of micro magnets, i.e., one having north and the other having south polarity on suitable place on the finger/toe meridians in order to balance the elements and thus cure practically all types of known diseases.

Ayurvedic Acupuncture/Acupressure as generally understood across the world refers to the therapy in which Ayurvedic principles of 'Vat', 'Pitta' and ‘Kapha’ are applied to points of Chinese Acupuncture meridians. But, the therapy developed by the Sansthan pertains mainly to restoring of the misbalance of ten elements in the human body with the aid of an entirely newly created set of meridians and their points. This new therapy developed in India by researching ancient Indian Ayurvedic texts can in fact rightly be called Indian Acupressure.

As per this new therapy, the ten elements are represented on the ten fingers of the two hands and similarly on the ten toes of the two feet. There are thirty basic ayurvedic meridians on each finger/toe including thumb/big toe. That makes it 300 basic meridians on the two hands and 300 basic meridians on the two feet, a total of 600 basic meridians. 

Each meridian has ten points corresponding to the ten elements, thus giving us 6000 points. Many secondary meridians have been developed by combining various basic meridians, thus giving us additional meridians and points running into thousands. In the Traditional Chinese Medicine, treatment is done with the help of 14 main meridians only. It can thus be seen that the Indian Acupressure has vastly expanded the scope and reach of Chinese Traditional Medicines in the treatment of diseases.

The newly developed Indian acupressure therapy is quite simple and its intricacies can be picked up in a few months as opposed to many years that it takes to acquire knowledge of allopathic or other alternate medicines.

The therapy being very effective, practically cost free and without side effects has the potential to revolutionize medical treatment around the world. The Sansthan is dedicated to spreading awareness of this new wonder therapy and extending its reach to all parts of India and rest of the world for the overall good of the suffering humanity. It would be very happy to run awareness training programs where ever feasible for this purpose for desirous organizations and groups of people.