Aims & Objectives of Sansthan

 Our Moto - Health for all by 2020 AD

1.   To promote acupressure amongst the masses (globally) by means of treatment through it and trainings thereof.

2.   To run a chain of acupressure treatment centers, all around the country, imparting drugless treatment and thereby generating self-employment.

3.   To impart education of acupressure by running colleges, for providing knowledge through trainings and academic courses thereby also generating self-employment.

4.   To promote research in the field of acupressure by maintaining a library of books on alternative medicines and publishing the developments made in acupressure through books and literature and also keeping records of the patients attended and treated.

5.   To provide health by spreading awareness about this energy based therapy - acupressure and publishing a quarterly magazine of Sansthan.

  • Acupressure is a part of Naturopathy.
  • Acupressure is a drugless theraphy and is cost effective.
  • Our motto is "Health for all by 2020 AD" by this self healing technique of acupressure, through the service to the suffering humanity.

Our Slogan - Each one Reach one, Teach one, Treat one