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IGNOU: List of first batch of Associate Degree successful candidates July 2009 Session.

See, Notice Wall, Notice 2/14. 

Results Maharaj Vinayak Global University, Jaipur

Basic Training at Allahabad up to Oct 2014

5-days basic training will be conducted by the Sansthan up to end of Oct 2014 as follows:

1. 25 July to 29 July 14 (Chinese Acupressure)
2. 05 Aug to 09 Aug 14 (Ayurvedic Acupressure)
3. 22 Aug to 26 Aug 14 (Ayurvedic Acupressure)
4. 09 Sep to 13 Sep 14 (Chinese Acupressure)
5. 26 Sep to 30 Sep 14 (Chinese Acupressure)
6. 10 Oct  to 14 Oct 14 (Ayurvedic Acupressure)
Classes will be conducted by well experienced lecturers at air conditioned Sansthan lecture hall
at Allahabad. Fee - Rs. 1000/ with kit. Boarding and lodging will be provided on demand @ Rs. 250/- per day. Fees may be deposited in sansthan's ICICI bank account No. 628201201144. See Training Schedule for details of contacts.

Golden Opportunity for Self Employment and Health Oriented Programmes

We are very happy to announce that Maharaj Vinayak Global University, Jaipur, Rajasthan is offering certificate, diploma and associate degree courses in acupressure in association with Acupressure Shodh, Prashikshan Evam Upchar Sansthan, Allahabad.  The subject of Acupressure is very much included in the curriculum of Naturopathy Medical Courses namely Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences (BNYS). Refer Ayush letter No.CCRYN/Dir./Misc./2011-12/650.

Admission is open with immediate effect. Last date of admission is 15 Sep 2012. For full details, see
Notice Wall

IGNOU Acupressure Courses

This is for the information of all concerned that IGNOU acupressure courses conducted throug community college have been held in abeyance by IGNOU. You shall be informed upon further communication from IGNOU in this regard.

About Us

Acupressure Research, Training and Treatment Sansthan was founded at Allahabad, India on 26 Mar 1995 as an organization of selfless volunteers with the main objective of serving humanity through free acupressure treatment to the sick and the ailing. The Sansthan had a humble beginning and started off on a modest scale with a group of seven volunteer men treating 12 patients free of cost in a borrowed building. The sapling planted in the year 1995 has today become a banyan tree and the small Allahabad group of seven has turned into a large country wide cohesive group of countless thousands. As the name of the Sansthan suggests, it is also very actively involved in research and training activities pertaining to acupressure therapy.

Our Voyage

1. 26 Mar 95. A group of seven dedicated volunteers provide free reflexology treatment to 12 patients in a borrowed room at Marwari Dharmshala, Allahabad, thus sowing the seeds of a mass movement to provide free acupressure treatment across the length and breadth of India. More than 20 lacs patients treated to date.

2. Jan 96. Sansthan organizes first acupressure training camp at Allahabad.

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